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Cambridge, UK 16th January 24. Forefront RF, a fabless semiconductor company from Cambridge, UK, has been recognised as a “Rising Star” in the “semiconductors 2.0, the hottest commodity in tech” briefing published by Sifted. The briefing takes a deep dive into the European chip market and how it is evolving in line with global digitalisation and the advent of AI-driven technologies.

Forefront RF has recently received formal recognition for its patented adaptive passive cancellation technology, trademarked as Foretune™. A breakthrough in mobile radio front end designs, Foretune™ technology overcomes historical transmit to receive leakage problem associated with fixed duplexers, present in all smartphones, smartwatches and other mobile devices, by leveraging self-interference cancellation techniques.  Comparable to the way noise cancelling headphones improve noise rejection by listening to the surroundings, inverting said signal and adding it to the user’s soundtrack, Foretune™ dynamically cancels all unwanted high frequency signals emitted by transmitters and receivers in mobile radio front end designs by adding inverted versions of those signals.

“This recognition is not just an honour; it’s a testament to the relentless dedication and innovative spirit of our team, “says Ronald Wilting, CEO of Forefront RF.  “Our dedicated team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of semiconductors and seeing our efforts acknowledged in such a prestigious publication is truly rewarding.”

Foretune™ technology offers the potential to dramatically reduce the number and types of components required in present-day mobile devices by replacing them with a single frequency-agnostic module that is dynamically tuneable according to available frequencies and/or services needed. This in turn will empower OEMs and ODMs to streamline manufacture, simplify procurement and avoid the need for multiple product variants that are region-specific.

Forefront RF’s first-generation products will be designed to support bands in the 600 – 1000MHZ ranges.

About Forefront RF Ltd

Founded in 2020 by Dr Leo Laughlin and Julian Hildersley, Forefront RF is a fabless semiconductor company poised to simplify radio front end designs in smartphones, wearables and other IoT devices. Based on award winning research, the company is developing breakthrough technology that dramatically reduces overall board space in a mobile device by lowering the component count and increasing the number of supported frequency bands. With the mobile phone and adjacent markets embracing miniaturization, Forefront RFs next generation solution empowers OEMs and ODMs to incorporate a range of advanced features into their product ranges without increasing their sale price, size, or weight. Forefront RF is headquartered in Cambridge UK.

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Ronald Wilting. new CEO of Forefront RF