Forefront RF products simplify the design of smartphones and expand their market reach

Radio Frequency Front End design has become massively complex

For decades, mobile phones have relied on ultra-high Q SAW and BAW piezo crystal filters to separate their transmit and receive signals. With the advent of 5G, the sheer number of filters required makes this convention untenable. With more and more frequency bands being added around the world, the problem is getting worse.

Forefront RF has a better way – self-interference cancellation

Forefront’s Adaptive Passive Cancellation technology uses software control to maintain the accuracy of unique passive Radio Frequency (RF) cancellation circuits enabling the receiver to “hear” the weakest signals while transmitting at full power. The APC circuits operate over a wide frequency range removing the need for a bank of switched SAW and BAW crystal filters. This saves space in smartphones, wearables, and IoT devices.


Technology & Products

Forefront RF’s products will simplify the design and development of the RF front end in 3G to 6G phones, dramatically reducing the space needed in the phone.

The problem: self-interference

The wireless signal being transmitted is much more powerful than the incoming signal. It results in self-interference at the receiver, which “drowns out” the signal you want to receive.

Current solution: crystal filters

Today’s wireless systems use SAW/BAW crystal filters. These filter off the self-interference, but allow the desired signal through to the receiver. However, separate crystals are required for each of the many frequency bands used taking a lot of space.

Forefront RF’s technology:
Self-interference cancellation

Our technology replaces SAW/BAW crystal filters with an Adaptive Passive Cancellation (APC) circuit. This cancels out the self-interference in a similar way to noise cancelling headphones. One APC circuit can cover many frequency bands, saving space and reducing complexity.



Forefront RF recognised as “Rising Star” by Sifted 

Forefront RF recognised as “Rising Star” by Sifted 

Backed by the Financial Times, Sifted is a leading media brand for the European start up community Cambridge, UK 16th January 24. Forefront RF, a fabless semiconductor company from Cambridge, UK, has been recognised as a “Rising Star” in the “semiconductors 2.0, the...

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