Technology & Products

Forefront RF’s game-changing Adaptive Passive Cancellation (APC) technology enables a smartphone’s receiver to “hear” the weakest signals while transmitting at full power.

The transceiver’s self-interference is cancelled by Forefront RF’s chip which implements our unique APC circuits. Precise cancellation is maintained using software control to continually adjust the operation of the passive circuits.

The APC circuits can be tuned over a wide frequency range, removing the need for a bank of switched SAW and BAW crystal filters. In this way, Forefront RF’s chip reduces the space and cost taken by the RF front end in smartphones, wearables, and IoT devices.

APC technology is XGen capable, working across the generations of mobile phone standards. From 3G through to emerging 6G concepts, APC brings significant advantages.

Forefront RF’s products simplify the design and development of XGen smartphones and wearables from 3G to 6G. The technology offers multiple benefits including significant space-saving efficiency, supply chain waste reduction, and cost savings, with flexible high throughput and low-latency connectivity across a broad spectrum.