Forefront RF was founded with a clear vision: to create a respected RF component business that makes multi-band smartphones, wearables and IoT devices simpler to design and more globally accessible. We’re based in Cambridge, UK, one of the most exciting, innovative and picturesque cities in the world. It’s at the heart of technology innovation in the UK where world-class businesses, R&D centres and universities come together to drive ground-breaking discoveries forward.

The company is founded on collaboration inside and out, so we’re building a team that shares a determination to succeed together. For us, success means solving our customer’s problems by combining our talents  to share in the ultimate rewards. We embrace diversity, because solving hard problems needs a broad perspective.

Everyone who joins the company now will have a profound influence on our culture as we shape it together. Recognising this, we offer a competitive salary and attractive options package so that when we succeed, the whole team benefits. We’re serious about building a great technology company at Forefront RF, and we’re going to have fun doing it. So, if you’re ready to push your boundaries to resist an ordinary working life, and build better, then come and join us!

Algorithm Engineer

As Algorithm Engineer’ you’ll be developing software to maintain precise cancellation in the adaptive RF circuits. You’ll need to combine an understanding of the RF hardware with creativity in the DSP domain, to tune and optimise the RF circuits.

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Physical Design and Layout Engineer

Working with the rest of the development team, you will be creating the physical design and layout data bases needed by our suppliers to manufacture and assemble Forefront RF’s products.

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RF Systems Architect

As RF Systems Architect, you’ll ensure Forefront RF’s products technically fit within the customer’s target systems.

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