About Us

Forefront RF was founded in 2020 with one clear goal in mind: to create a respected RF component business that makes multi-band smartphones, wearables, and IoT devices simpler to design and more globally accessible.

Our unique Adaptive Passive Cancellation technology uses software control to maintain the accuracy of unique passive RF cancellation circuits, enabling the receiver to “hear” the weakest signals while transmitting at full power.

Building a High Calibre Team

To achieve our goal, we’re building a multidisciplinary team with a shared set of principles and values that underpin a spirit of co-operation. By doing this, we create value for everyone involved – investors, customers, partners, and staff alike.

Our Values

Keep good relationships – we seek to build collaborative, respectful and value-laden relationships at every level.

We succeed together – each person involved in our company and network of partners, will share the fruit of our success.

Listen well – Listening is the first part of communication. All involved should be heard.

Be present – we commit to giving our full attention to the task at hand, and the people we ‘re with.

The customer leads– the customer’s needs underpin and drive our intent, and our technologies must work for them.

Sustainability is a key KPI – Forefront RF is proactively working to sustainably increase the useful life of mobile phones.

Ambitious – we’re not daunted by big challenges, and will find a way through together.